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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 19, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and massive freak storms pummel the northeast. 100,000 without power from chicago to pittsburgh. 1,000 lightning strikes in just 15 minutes in new york city. this incredible moment caught on camera. it's not over. sam is tracking it all. breaking his silence. george zimmerman speaks out in his first interview, saying he has no regrets from the night trayvon martin was shot. and abc news exclusive. one on one with ann romney. what she's saying this morning about her husband's choice for vp. and the calls to get the romneys to release more tax returns. and her emotional battle with
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ms. and life in the fast lane. tom cruise and suri chased through manhattan. brand new details about their day flying high. look at that flag this morning. whole team on deck right now. we have brand new information breaking about the deadly bomber in europe who blew up a bus of tourists. there he is. the first pictures of him at the airport, wearing a wig, getting ready to strike. israel is blaming iran. but he looked western. he was carrying a fake american driver's license. >> and again, it was fake. the horrifying video every parent should see. a would-be kidnapper trying to take a 10-year-old girl in broad
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daylight. >> right in the middle of the day in philadelphia. on a lighter note, prime time emmy nominations this morning. are your favorites on the list? we have our picks ahead. we begin with the severe summer storms. heavy winds, hail, thousands of lightning strikes. sam has been tracking it all and has the latest. good morning, sam. >> good morning, robin. the pictures, all of them, just about that wild. we break the heat with the long line of strong to severe storms. 4 inches of rain reported in less than an hour in places like new york city. any place that is tough to drain could not keep up. almost 400 storm reports. each one of these, a report of severe weather. outside new york city, the temperature about 104 in newark, new jersey. 107 in maryland. big storms break big heat. we promised you wild pictures.
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here's the wild pictures. [ thunder booming ] >> reporter: deafening thunder and rapid-fire lightning shocked the cities in the northeast. catches residents offguard. an electrifying 1,000 lightning strikes in just 15 minutes. in western pennsylvania, hail the size of golf bals. in arlington, massachusetts, drivers trapped in their cars for 40 minutes. >> that tree just came down. >> reporter: check out the time-lapsed video from cliffton, new jersey. by 4:00 p.m., massive storm clouds. norngers turned into amateur storm chasers. as well as the flooded subways. this amazing photograph taken from 10,000 feet shows what's called a rain shaft, a towering column of rain over new york city. this weather caused power
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outages from illinois to massachusetts. leaving more than 135,000 customers without power. traffic signals out. up to three-hour flight delays. even mature trees were no match for wind and heavy rain in long island. this morning, two people recovering after this tree snapped in half and crashed down on a gazebo. the storm stals here. they're likely to be strong storms in this area. >> i thought about tweeting some pictures. but i was difing for clover. good morning to you and all of you. breaking news. the first images we saw at the top of the show this morning of the man authorities say blew up a bus full of israeli tourists in bulgaria. he was carrying a fake michigan
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driver's license and fake u.s. passport at the time of the attack. jeffrey kofman has the latest. >> reporter: he targeted israeli tourists who came to a holiday at a quiet resort. just as they boarded a bus, the blast ripped through the vehicle. >> people are hurt, without legs, without heads. >> reporter: this youtube video shows the scene moments after the huge explosion. this security video shows the bomber in the airport just minutes before. he appears to be wearing a wig. he carried with him an american i.d. a michigan driver's license. but the city, baton rouge, as in louisiana. a cheap fake. no one claimed responsibility yet. but israel has though doubts. >> this is clearly a terrorist attack initiated by hezbollah,
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hamas or another group. >> reporter: there have been repeated alerts and warnings in recent months. those, israel is vowing to avenge this attack. josh? >> jeffrey kofman, thank you. now to the crisis in syria. president bashir al assad has not been seen in public since three of his top aides were killed. this morning, the u.s. is consulting with israel on how to secure syria's chemical weapons in if the regime could fall. u.s. flight skrools still giving foreign students flying less yons without doing background checks. and u.s. citizens on the no-fly list are also being allowed to
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take lessons. the national anthem took on special meaning last night in florida. ♪ and the home of the brave >> that is william dill lon. he served 27 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. dna cleared him. he says he still loves the country. perhaps not surprisingly, his favorite line from the anthem, the land of the free. good for you, william. good for you. >> about time. now to george zimmerman. speak out in his first television interview since february. the first time we're hearing his account of the killing. will it help or hurt his defense? matt gutman starts us off. >> reporter: a stunning admission from george zimmerman. >> is there anything you regret? do you regret getting out of the
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car to follow tray vvon that night? >> no sir. >> you to regret you had a gun that night? >> no, sir. >> reporter: saying he felt it was fated. >> it feel it was all god's plan. for me to second-guess it or judge it -- >> is there anything you might do differently? in retrospect? >> no, sir. >> reporter: he changes tack, turning to the camera. >> i do wish there was something, anything i could have done that wouldn't have put me in the position that i had to take his life. >> reporter: after this in march, the police stated he could have avoided it all if he only identified himself or followed police instructions to stay in his vehicle. during the interview, he seemed relatively at ease. even smiling. assuring hannity this part of
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his call to police -- [ bleep ]. >> reporter: -- was not a racially motivated remark. >> he asked me what my problem was. >> expletive problem? >> i was shocked. i looked up. he punched me and broke my nose. >> one shot. >> he started bashing my head into the concrete sidewalk. >> reporter: zimmerman says when he shot martin, he thought he missed. martin died almost instantly. zimmerman previously apologized to the martin family in court on april 20th. he did it again last night. >> i am sorry they buried their child. i can't imagine what it must feel like. i pray for them daily. >> reporter: i spoke with the martin family last night. they said they were overcome with emotion.
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especially painful for them was when zimmerman said this was all part of god's plan. tracy martin said they must worship different gods because his god wouldn't want trayvon martin killed that night. >> doing this kind of interview is not recommended. why do you thing he did it? >> he obviously wanted to tell his story. the problem with getting into this detail, was trayvon martin running? exactly how did the confrontation occur? is that even small discrepancies can be used against him later. every statement he makes, every comment, will almost certainly be fodder for prosecutors who are looking for discrepancies. >> i can't imagine he'll get sympathy from prospective jurors
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saying he had regrets and this is part of god's plan. >> he did try to backtrack at some point. as a legal matter, now that we know about the injuries that he endured and under florida law, he's got a pretty good legal defense. you have to ask yourself why does he need to do this? how does this help him? i don't think he's convinced anyone that had questions about him. i don't think he implicated himself either. >> you think he'll testify? >> i would suspect he will. part of the defense will have to be in his own words. now to every parent's worst nightmare caught on camera. you see it happening right here. a man trying to kidnap a 10-year-old girl in broad daylight. he's still othe loose. philadelphia police have launched a massive search. pierre thomas has the latest. >> reporter: he sneaks up, puts
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his hand over the 10-year-old girl's mouth and tries to snatch her off the street. he picks her up but drops her, then runs off. watch it again as he grabs her as he's holding her little brother's hand. he had stalked them as they walked home from getting flav flavorflavo flavored ice. the screams of the girl's 2-year-old brother probably saved her life. the girl's mother is stunned. >> the world's crazy place. there's crazy people. i can't explain why this man did what he did, why he did it with my daughter. >> we have a person potentially very violent. >> i want this creep off our streets. immediately. >> reporter: police have launched a city-wide manhunt using local television. and a social media campaign, posting this video on youtube, facebook, and twitter. >> we're finding out through our
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website and social media, it's a great way to interact with the public and have the public help us solve crimes. >> reporter: this morning, police want your help in finding the suspect. >> hispanic male, in his 30s. he's about 5'9", short, black, curly hair. >> reporter: this is his car, a white sedan. >> a black scuff mark on the driver's side rear bumper. >> reporter: as a race to catch the suspect, police believe this predator will try again. so glad that little girl's okay. so sad she had to go through that, robin and george. >> the good thing is her little brother cream screamed like that. and boy, you had a fascinating interview with ann romney yesterday. >> nothing was out of bounds. and her husband, mitt romney, has a slight edge this morning. according to the latest "new york times"/cbs poll. it's all driven by fears of the
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economy. i spoke exclusively with ann romney. it's "your voice, your vote." i started by asking her how close her husband is to picking a running mate. >> we're not quite there yet. we're going to be there soon. there's so many good choices. that's making it especially difficult. >> you have said you want toyed be somebody that your husband -- they match in personality. who is that person? >> i think in saying that, i was thinking of passion for the country, being able to serve, having real experience. being able to be ready, day one. >> everyone wants to stay on message. you do. the obama administration. the american people. and there seem to be so many different distractions. one being your husband and the tax returns. both gave multiple years. 10 and 12.
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president obama gave seven years. your husband has been adamant about the two years being released. why won't he follow the others on both sides of the aisle? >> i think there are reasons for these things. i think you should look at where mitt led his life. we give 10% of our income to our church every year. do you think that is the kind of person trying to hide things? or do you think, no, he's so good about it. governor of massachusetts, didn't take a salary in four years. >> why not show that? >> because there are so many -- >> make it a moot point. people will move on. >> because so many things will be open to attack. you don't want to give more material for more attack. we have given all people need to know and understand about our financial situation and how we live our life. that election will not be decide on that. it will be decided on who will
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turn the economy around and how are jobs coming back to america. >> then there's the controversy on whether mitt romney outsourced jobs while running bain capital. independent fact-cherks criticize this obama ad saying romney had already left the company. but an obama campaign aide said romney may have lied about when he left. >> he sure as heck ought to say he's sorry for the kinds of attacks coming from his team. >> reporter: and this from the president. >> we won't be apologetic the. >> i'm not disappointed or surpri surprised. i believe it was beneath the office of the president to do something as egregious of that. >> reporter: away from the campaign trail, ann romney wages another battle, against multiple sclerosis since her diagnosis 14 years ago.
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have you had a discussion with your husband now that could affect his presidency, if it does flare up? >> we would not have gone forward if i had been in an active part of my disease. i would have needed my husband to be there with me. the thing that you can't ever know about life is what tomorrow will bring. so you just step forward and just go on and for us right now, i really believe he's the right person at the right time. he has a clear understanding of how to create jobs. so many americans are suffering right now, out of work. i really, really believe in my heart that he's the right person at the right time to bring hope and recovery. >> reporter: part of her therapy is to ride horses. it's a high-end sport that made her and her rubd targets. how do you respond? >> i want to laugh. it makes me laugh. it's like, really? you know, there's so many people
7:18 am
out of work right now, and there's this guy right here that has the answer for fixing the economy. and all these attacks, they're going to try everything. and that is what people have to ask themselves in the voting booth in november. are you better off? do you thing we need a change? i think they're going to fire the coach. i know the answer. at the end of the day, they're going to fire the coach, because things are not going well. >> the coach being president obama? >> right. >> i know that mrs. romney said she laughed off the ad with the dressage source. they pulled the ad overnight. >> she said we haven't made a decision yet. >> they're a team. they are a team. she'll talk a lot more in our next hour about her battle with m.s. it's so moving. a certain period of her life, she ripped up the pictures. doesn't want to remember that
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time. >> hey, good morning, you guys. the storms at the top of the show were loud and attention-getting. they only break the heat in a quarter of the country. let's look at the states with the heat warnings and advisories. memphis, 98, st. louis, 101. the temperatures nationwide, the humidity is still thick in the deep south. lit feel like 100 to 105 today. still, really intense heat over most of the country. a look at the storm zones there.
7:20 am
81 degrees now a reagan airport and 78 degrees at dulles airport. dry right now but later this will see strong thunderstorms with of the high around 90-95 degrees. for the overnight, showers and thunderstorms continue. tomorrow, another day with for 83-88 rain, look degrees. highs will >> good morning, honolulu at 87. we'll have the rest of america's weather in the next half hour. >> aloha. >> aloha. new details on the frantic search for the little girls missing in iowa.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. at 7:26 on this thursday, july 19. heads up for commuters -- montgomery county buses are on holiday schedule today and tomorrow.
7:27 am
the county pulled 26 buses from after a bus fire in silver spring yesterday. there has been half a dozen involving the particular model in recent years. arlington county will be in mode after several sexual assaults. they will talk about the situation and answer questions and newschannel 8 will have this story coming up in just a few minutes. quick check of the commute with lisa baden. it is not too complicated around the beltway and typical volume. had a longstanding car wreck on at 123 that was cleared once and for all. northbound onash the 14th street bridge, is the right/center lane. >> earlier this morning, we had showers in gaithersburg
7:28 am
germantown and they have it out but we will see the another band of showers later this morning. and deception in. into the will be well 90's and tomorrow morning, there be heavier rains in montgomery county and the district. highs tomorrow will only be in the mid 80's. >> we will be back at 7:56. i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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mercedes-benz for an exceptional price. but hurry, this offer ends july 31st. well, you know what the mission impossible, the music, what we're talking about. tom cruise all smiles on his second day out with suri, after a reported high-speed car chase by paparazzi through the streets of manhattan. latest on their day out and how her parents' divorce is affecting suri. we say good morning, america, on this friday eve. one more alarm clock. >> i was so excited. >> i said friday eve. >> i jumped the gun. with this schedule, honestly, do you know? >> what? >> one more day. also, we have to look at the two little girls missing in iowa this morning. one of the fathers is speaking out. he says police are treating him as a suspect.
7:31 am
he's cooperating but he's not happy about the way they're treating him. have row heard about the latest trend in plastic surgery. one woman who wanted to look her best online opted far radical fix. she's not alone. a lot of people are posting their pictures online. they don't like the way they look. >> going way, way up. a big day for television. emmy nominations are out. we're checking o ining our list. we start the half hour with the frantic search for the two missing girls in eye bap the father of one saying he feels police are feeting him like a suspect. new details emerging about the family and the parents' criminal history. alex perez is in evansville with t the latest. >> reporter: draining the lake is taking longer than expeblgted. the investigation now about a week old, we're learning more
7:32 am
about one girl's parents. as police desperately comb for clues in the mysterious disappearance of 8-year-old elizabeth collins and her 10-year-old cousin, lyric cook. her parents have criminal records. her dad says investigators are making him feel like a suspect. >> you're telling the truth. they say you're holding something back. you're not. >> we expect the cooperation of everyone. >> reporter: lyric's mom, misty, separated from dan, says family members are cooperating. >> we've done extensive interviews. hours at a time. we have done polygraph. taken many phone calls. answered many questions. >> reporter: misty was released from federal prison on may 30th after being convicted of nine
7:33 am
crimes, including illegal drug use. >> what comes into question is how does that play into what is currently going on in their lives? does it have a relationship to the two missing girls? >> reporter: it's been six days since the girls vanished. the major of evansdale has been flying his own plane. >> after so much searching and no evidence do you start to feel helpless? >> um, you just start -- the worry doesn't go away. your focus is so intense. you're pouring everything into it. >> reporter: fbi dive teams are coming here to help search some of the deeper sections of the lake. authorities say they're separating this town's garbage at the county landfill. hoping to find clues there. robin? >> thank you, alex. we're going to bring dan abrams back with us.
7:34 am
you heard the father in the report saying he feels like a suspect. should his wife's record or outstanding charges against him be a factor in the case? >> the police have to look at everything. they have to walk a fine line. they don't want to be too aggressive. but the first place you have to look are the people who knew them best. the people closest to them. the police are going to want to rule out any family members, but they're also going to want to know everyone who was associated with them. this means if they were involved in some criminal activity, they have to come clean. they have to talk about drug dealers, nefarious characters in their lives in any way, shape, or form, if they wnt to truly help in the investigations. >> all things show they have been helpful. it's not unusual to look at the
7:35 am
parents or anybody close to the young person taken. >> the way the authorities would say it is the first thing we want to do is rule them out. the way the father characterizes the way he's being questioned, you can discuss, debate. he claims he's been accused then they tell him he's not telling the truth. i think the family needs to be understanding of the authorities and the context of this. they're trying to solve this. they need to give them leeway. the parents sound look they understand it. we get it, we understand why they're coming to us. the most important thing, though is looking at the evidence. it's not just looking at the family members. it's what do we know? what are the dogs seeing? where were the bikes found? >> hopefully, they'll gate break soon. they need one. >> yeah, absolutely. let's get back to sam. >> good morning, robin. we'll start with the moisture on the eastern seaboard. there's plenty of moisture
7:36 am
coming up from the gulf. showers and rain from new orleans and memphis. atlanta, you're getting more. right here where the front is stalled, the heavier rain will come. three to four inches of rain in the northern west virginia area. i think we'll see tough weather today. the northwestern coast. a cool flow from the bay area to eureka. anything sou 78 degrees right now i dulles airport. andgs are quieting down sunshine and it more st >> oh, so much change here at the set. all that weather was brought to you by folger's. >> if they only knew what went
7:37 am
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7:41 am
>> reporter: it was daddy-daughter day two for tom cruise and 6-year-old suri. first spotted leaving their downtown hotel early wednesday. creating a frenzy as the paparazzi chased them through the city in a "mission impossible" like scene. cruise's driver allegedly breaking speed limits and running red lights in an attempt to get tom and suri to the heliport. >> for tom, the primary concern was suri. we're all happy for him that he gets a moment with his daughter. >> reporter: as cruise visibly savors his time with his daughter, a new magazine article talks about his struggle. >> he's sad. he's kind of searching for answers. science he might have missed. >> reporter: just days after he wrapped on his film, "oblivion."
7:42 am
the amount of time he spent on location prompted his lawyer to reject reports he was abandoning his daughter. saying they were a disgusting, vicious lie. and while cruise and suri spent the day flying high, soon to be ex-wife katie holmes was flying solo. she was spotted leaving spin class tight lipped and looking somber. >> divorce is an adjustment for an entire family. they need to not expose suri to the hostilities and tensions between them. >> reporter: tom's rep denied the reports of high-speed chase. there have been several minor car accidents involving suri over the last few days. katie holmes mercedes was
7:43 am
reportedly sideswiped by a paparazzi vehicle. >> i guess there's no case quite like this. you have helped a lot of families deal with divorce. overall, from what you can see, how are tom and katie handling it? >> amazingly. they kept it prove, settled it quickly. their main focus, as it should be, is their daughter, suri, and her well being. i thing parents could look at that and try to reproduce it. >> i read one report, who knows if it's completely true. katie left been tom came in, they didn't have contact in front of suri. is that the best way to go? >> we don't know how they're doing it. if they can't face each other right away, it's okay to not be face to face and exchange. the key is to minimize conflict exposure for suri. >> all the paparazzi following
7:44 am
them in every step they take, what kind of impact does that have on a little girl? >> she's grown up in the public eye. for her not to be followed wouldn't be normal. at some point, you would hope we give them privacy. this was the family she's born into. there will always be some interest in what her life is like. many people at home who may have gone through divorces or conflict, we like to know that people who make a lot of money and are famous go through the same issues we do. there's an interest in what is going on with them and how they handle it. >> another big change for suri coming up. reported she'll be going the a catholic school. a conflict of faith between katie, raised catholic, and tom, a scientologist. >> they have probably agreed to put her in the best school possible. and support her. whether tom has issues or not,
7:45 am
we'll never know. >> thanks, janet taylor. coming up, josh has "the play of the day." and the drug being called viagra for the brain. is it the secret of being the perfect version of yourself? 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! don't hide behind your lipstick. use it to show the world how you feel. and today, i feel daring. [announcer:] revlon super lustrous lipstick. mega moisturizing formula in 82 stay true colors.
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here's "the play of the day." >> josh, i want to dish think we should let the viewers know a little bit of the secrets. we usually don't know what's going on with "play of the day." i don't know why i'm holding a toothbrush. >> which is great. we're going the build a long bridge here. remember the dougie. everyone wanted to learn it. athletes doing it. >> are you doing it? >> luckily, over b-roll. >> picture in picture. >> we wanted to give you this. we wanted to teach you how to do
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the brushie. ♪ ♪ hey ♪ hey ♪ teach he how to brushie ♪ can you teach me how to brushie ♪ ♪ you know why because my teeth love it ♪ >> because my teeth love it. ♪ put your arms up front brush it up and down ♪ >> who did this? >> oh! >> from the oregon dental association. >> aw. >> for real? >> no, sam, i made that up. [ laughter ] >> i was just thinking about how you got the special toothbrush. >> i'm too special, too. >> oh, our tie break. i don't know why. >> briefly, it inspired us.
7:51 am
>> oh, wow, it does. >> i have this at home. you don't have the vibrating one at home? >> that's how we do the brushie. >> can we keep them? >> yes, you may. it's a public service campaign from the oregon dental association and all of us. coming up here, for tv buffs everywhere. emmy nom -- nom -- nom -- can we get to break? [ man ] ever year, sophia and i use the points we earn with our citi thankyou card for a relaxing vacation. ♪ sometimes, we go for a ride in the park. maybe do a little sightseeing. or, get some fresh air. but this summer, we used our thank youpoints to just hang out with a few friends in london. [ male announcer ] the citi thankyou visa card. redeem the points you've earned to travel with no restrictions.
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[ female announcer ] every woman who believes decisions about our bodies and our health care shoulde our own is troubled mitt romney supports overturning roe versus wade. romney backed a law that outlaws all abortion -- even in cases of rape d incest and that's not all. i'll cut off funding tolanned parenthood. [ female announcer ] for women, planned parenthood means life-saving cancer screenings and family-planning services. but, for mitt romney... planned parenthood. we're going to get rid of that.
7:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. time is 7:56 on this thursday, july 19. people in parts of a northwest d.c. will spend the time up damage left behind severe storms. last night storms knocked down trees and power lines leaving hundreds of people without and homes and apartments left flooded. montgomery county ride on buses are on holiday schedule today after a bus fire in silver spring yesterday. the county pulled 26 buses from
7:57 am
road and that type of buzz involved -- has been fires andn several newschannel they will have more of theup at the top airport. >> it was a bit rocky earlier morning but things are getting back to normal on 66, 95, 395 and nothing complicated on 270. beltway in maryland has the slowdown at colesville road. we will take a peek at 395 with the 14th street bridge. have an accident earlier but all lanes are open. write down what reagan national airport and sunshine atg at showers andt thunderstorms will develop later afternoon. become strong and radar shows this the in the 90's and out of the west 5-
7:58 am
10 miles per hour. we may be looking at heavy rain earlier tomorrow morning. >> we will be back at 8:27.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ you don't know you're beautiful ♪ [ cheers and applause ] oh, my, oh, my. another fantastic crowd with us this thursday morning. here in times square. and we're celebrating ten seasons of "project runway" with the dream team of fashion. they're out and about. >> oh. they're right there. >> tim gunn, heidi klum, michael kors and nina garcia. i don't know what they have going on with the chee-tos we
8:01 am
have here. >> bon appetit. >> have ton. and a new phenomenon. facebook facelifts. we're just learning about this. there's trina. she didn't like the way she looked online. she went and got plastic surgery. i guess she's not the only one doing it. a lot of people changing the way they look to enhance the way they perform on social media. >> let me get this right. because you don't like how you look online you're getting a facelift? >> can't you just photo shop? it's easier. >> it is. more of the exclusive interview with ann romney. her husband's secret weapon. she's been waging a personal battle of her own and reveals what has given her so much hope and how what she's going through is giving others hope as well. >> she's been fighting m.s. for a long time. and also today, the emmy nominations are out. we have our picks and the
8:02 am
details coming up. we have to get news first. we're seeing for the first time the man authorities believe plu up a bus full of israeli tourists on wednesday. you see him there. that's the suspect in the airport in bulgaria, moments before the bonding. it killed five israelis. he was carrying a fake michigan driver's license and a u.s. passport you see there. the address on the michigan driver's license was from baton rouge, louisiana. israel believes iran is behind the bombing and is vowing to avenge the attack. government forces attacked rebel fighters in the capital today. we have yet to see or hear from president bashir al assad. the u.s. is reportedly working with israel to make sure syria's chemical weapons are guarded. here at home, the historic drought is about to drive up
8:03 am
grocery price. we'll be paying 15 cents more a gallon by next month and 40 cents more by winter. cheese prices are expected to rise by about 15 cents by november. cows don't produce as much milk in the heat and it's costing more to teed them. george zimmerman gave his first tv interview. he apologized for the shooting and outraged martin's parents by saying martin's death was part of god's plan. we're lurning more about the driver here going the wrong way down a mississippi highway. he eventually slams into the white suv there. the woman and child inside were not, i repeat not sersly hurt. the driver ran a red light earlier and drifted into the wrong lane. he says he can't remember doing any of it. police are awaiting toxicology
8:04 am
tests. here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." >> good morning, josh. so many products, as you know, say they have sun screen and they protect you and your skin. do they really? tonight, watch as we put them to the test. right here on "world news." see you then. >> and so we shall, diane. finally, hard to find a hotel room in london right now. a cab driver is helping to solve the problem. represe renting out his taxi. >> it's nice. >> it's nice. 80 bucks a night. it comes with a blanket and a minifridge. and free use of his ipad. it's great. not yours, but his. >> someone will take him up on that. >> of course they will. >> well, the paddington bear is
8:05 am
a good bonus. >> makes everything better. >> you can cuddle. for "pop news" now, shall we? gwyneth paltrow combining passions. she showed george her love of cooking promoting her successful cook book. it seems to have landed her a role in a movie. the movie tells the story of the unconventional background. gwyneth continues to write about all things foodie. she says her dad inspired her to cook. new pictures from earlier today of kate middleton heading into the gallery of art. she took in an exhibition called road to 2012, aiming high. and also aiming high, kate's father-in-law, love the pictures of the normally formal prince charles climbing a rock wall. popping into a school, part of a
8:06 am
diamond jub le visit. is that over yet? >> no, apparently not. >> he leaps into action. double-breasted suit and all. >> not bad. >> love him. 63 years young. he just does what he wants to do. >> weather guy. >> looking for your job. >> just give me a chee-to. >> you're not the only one with a bromance going. this one between justin timberlake and ben affleck. they're shooting a movie together in san juan, puerto rico. "runner, runner" is the title of the film. he takes justin under his wing. it's been all testosterone. reportedly, justin flew his fiance in and ben has been spending time with jennifer garner and their three kids. >> sam and i are going to hang
8:07 am
out on sam's yacht. it's really big. >> keep dreaming. finally, take a look at this. it's a new video. trending. it's a cat. named lulu, taking down her competition. by competition, we mean a birthday card. watch. >> whoa. >> oh, wow! >> apparently, lulu not in a festive mood. >> wow! >> she needs a cup of coffee. it's morning. >> she's going back to her roots. >> does anybody know why -- >> there's a connection to "project runway." that's like the snack. >> they're addictive. >> they're away from sam right now. the entire bowl of chee-tos can be eaten in 30 seconds. it takes a year to get the residue off the fingertips.
8:08 am
i don't know what that is. what is that? good morning, everybody, by the way. from -- tell me your name. >> erica. >> fernando. >> from new mexico. >> i would help you hold the sign but i have the cheesy fingers. we'll start with yet another heat wave. this heat burns and builds in the west and spreads to the middle of the country. by the weekend, there's more heat coming into places that got a break. not everyone got a break. if you still have high temperatures today, you'll stick with them. they'll stay there. here's where the storms will roll. stay up with your local abc stations. cool and comfortable in some 90-95 degrees for daytime highs. northern montgomery county could temperatures cooler showers andon thunderstorms.
8:09 am
showers and storms continue into overnight hours. look for 83-80 degrees tomorrow. we will have better weather for the highs will be in the's. >> i think i got all the cheesy residue off the fingers. who are we going back to? >> lara. >> thank you, megan. thank you, sam. facebook facelifts. it's the hot new trend. plastic surge troy change your online image. plus, more from robin's exclusive one on one with ann romney. inside her peshl struggles and what inspires her most. and klum, gunn, garcia, all here to celebrate ten seasons of "project runway." stay with us, everyone.
8:10 am
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8:14 am
[ male announcer ] the audi a8, chosen by car & driver as the best luxury sedan in a recent comparison test. social media are changing our lives in so many ways. here's one that surprised us. it's called the facebook facelift. an explosion of cosmetic surgery for people not happy with the way they look online. cecilia vega investigating. >> reporter: like so many of us, triana practically lives online. >> i wanted to talk to you about this project. >> reporter: she's on skype constantly. >> that's a good idea. >> reporter: facebook is a virtual addiction. she doesn't like the face staring back at her.
8:15 am
>> my chin bugs the living daylights out of me in this photo. it's the first thing i look for in the photo. it all statarted with facebook. >> hi, triana. >> reporter: she's going in for a radical fix. >> the chin should project out this far. >> reporter: sounds like you're going to a far extreme. >> i feel like if i can afford it, i've done everything else i can do to feel good and confident, then why not. >> reporter: she's hardly alone. according to the american society of plastic surgery, chin augmentations have increased 71% in the past year. it's plastic surgery for the iphone generation. >> people now know how they photograph. they're like stars were 20 years ago. this is my good side, this is my bad side. i can analyze their face on the computer and make the camera love you. >> reporter: dr. richard ellenbogen is giving her a chin
8:16 am
implan implant. a nose job. she is a family friend of in the doctor so she's getting a discount. >> i'm going to be a supermodel! >> reporter: now a month later. oh, my gosh. wow. i'm kind of, my jaw son the floor, sincerely. she's no longer untagging here's in facebook photos. in terms of social media, do you feel more confident? >> i'm fine with it now. i want to show my face. >> reporter: she says she's happier on and offline. >> weigh in? >> i'm glad she's happier. i don't think she needed to do it. >> i think she looked just fine without it. >> completely. >> i agree. >> people are going to start getting it because they don't like how they look on the reflection on the way to the
8:17 am
refrigerator. >> i'm fine with it, robin. absolutely fine with it. >> go eat another cheeto. >> sam are you happy or sad? >> i can't tell. >> oh, and there's though easy segue to this. more of my exclusive interview with ann romney. she's been open about her 14-year battle with m.s. she says she's winning the battle thanks to her involvement in dressage. >> the champion in my life, my sweetheart, ann romney. >> thank you. >> reporter: since her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 1998, she's sought therapy in dressage. one of her horses is competing in the olympics. are you excited?
8:18 am
>> horses are my joy. i have a passion. i wish everyone had a passion like i have this one. i love horses. they've been my companion through think dark hours and gave me strength and joy and hope. >> i read where you said m.s. has been a great teacher. what did you mean? >> it humbled me. it crushed me to dust. when it leaves you there with nothing, you have to learn to say, what other little pieces can i start to pick up that can give value to my life again. that is family and friends, of course. those are the people that saved me and rallied around me in my darkest hour. i went in a pretty dark hole. >> you're very honest about that. i think that's important for people to know. it's a difficult road. >> i've come out the other end. if you could have seen me, i ripped up all pictures of myself in that period of time. i look at them. it reminds me of how i felt. lost to color in my face.
8:19 am
i'm gray. i'm lifeless. my eyes are lifeless. i ripped them up because i can't stand to be reminded of how sick i was and how desperate i felt. not just the feeling the sick. it's the unknown of where is this taking me? how long sit going to go on? will it drag me down so much i have nothing left in life at all? for me, going back to those feelings are something that i now can relate to to someone that is going through a really hard time. because i can say, i know what you feel like. i know how hard it is. and, you know what, there's the sun comes up tomorrow. and there will be a brighter day. >> that's the way you have to look at it. i have to tell you, e don't know of any wife, mrs. obama, mrs. bush, mrs. clinton at the time, i don't know of one wife that enjoyed the process. it's got to be -- you know you're not supposed to take it
8:20 am
personally. but can you? can you separate them? >> after the last election, i said,ly never do this again, because i took everything personally. it was hard on me. very hard on me. this time, when i decided to go forward -- it's been such a terrific night. i decided, i just made a decision. i'm going to enjoy it. it will be a wonderful experience. the negative attacks will come. the way i look at it now is they're just going like this. right there. >> and the romney family. >> reporter: raising five sons is another life experience that strengthened her. what was it like? >> it was not peaceful. never sweet and nice. it was crazy. r rambunctious. i was very reseerveed, shy, quiet. they taught me how the lay on
8:21 am
the table and talk about things. the boys have changed my life. for better. and i appreciate them and now, they're grown men and husbands and fathers themselves. i just -- they're the greatest joy of my life. >> they've given you a lot of grandbabies. >> they've given me that. a lot of grief through the years. >> at last count, 18 grandchildren. >> boy, that is a christmas card, huh? >> she enjoys people coming up and sharing their story. >> she does. they both seem to be having a lot more fun in this campaign. i covered them last time. let's get out to lara. >> hard to believe we have been watching inspiring desirens make it work on "project runway" for ten seasons now. a brand new book celebrates the tenth season. here to talk about this milestone, the dream team, our friends -- heidi klum, tim gunn,
8:22 am
nina garcia, michael kors. ten years. did you -- ten seasons, did you think you would be doing it this long? did you know you had a hit, michael? >> i knew when fashion people fell in love the first season we had a cult thing. i never imagine ed we would hav ten seasons. more than "i love lucy." that's crazy. pretty amazing. >> well said. when did you know you had a hit on your hands? >> when we filmed the first season. we created the show. it was not already in a different country. we knocked it off here. when it all was cut together, and you know, when we saw the designers and the beautiful clothes, we were like, we might be on to something. these people are supertalented. it's fun to watch. >> also very fun is this book. written about the show. a lot of behind the scenes
8:23 am
secrets. i loved your -- very revealing what goes on behind the scenes. the cheeto chats. oh, to be a fly on the wall. i bet you get down and dirty. >> we talk about a lot of things. especially our catering from the beginning was not great. we have better catering over the years. in the beginning, it was mainly cheetos and chips and nuts all day. we would eat a lot of cheetos. we had to be dusted off. >> somewhere on a jacket i have them. >> we're not sure what the orange powder is. is there a favorite fashion moment from the ten seasons? is there a dress or a something that you just always remember? >> i think for me, christian's fashion show was spectacular. dramatic. elega elegant.
8:24 am
he has a great point of view. >> for me, the moment that's been in my member memory -- the corn husk dress. >> the first episode of the first season. who knew what the designers were capable of? >> that's the fun. you never know what might happen. to that end, the not so stellar moments. anything that went awry? >> anything related to menswear. when it comes to that level of tailoring, the men fall apart. >> in a time constraint, to be able to make a gorgeous, tailored men's suit, we had guys out there with napkins pinned. >> not going to work. >> you cannot open a jacket because of what is underneath.
8:25 am
usually, there is nothing underneath. they would put something here pretending there was something under. >> that's the nuggets you get in this book. >> it's great souvenir for the fans that have been watching for so many years. >> season ten, i believe we have a clip of it. it kicks off in times square. let's take a look. >> that was fun. >> people are screaming, yelling, taking out pictures. >> we have the runway. the paparazzi. >> if i were dreaming, this is what it would be like. >> times square? really? it's unbelievable. [ cheers and applause ] >> that looks good. are we going to be surprised at some of the things on season ten? >> we were surprised. we had two designers that left in the middle of the night. we had never had that happen to us before. >> the pressure got to them? >> they could not make it work. in the middle of the night, literally, they pakd quietly and
8:26 am
walked out. >> project runaway. >> we thought a little game might be in order. let's make this work, shall we? multiple choice. that's why they have paddles. question number one, hold up the paddle that corresponds. who designed this winning look? april, seth, or c, mila? >> "c," "c," "c." >> and the answer is, "b." very well done. >> the fabric gave it away. he loved that fabric. >> i wanted to ask one more question. tell me how many seasons has she been pregnant on? >> between the two of them, they're always pregnant.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. at 8:27.orning to you a majority of d.c. residents want mayor vincent gray to of thisn the wake of his campaign. a new poll finds that 54% of residents passed want him to leave office. he says he will not step down. the montgomery county council hold a meeting today on the response to the dercho. the storm left thousands of residents without power. things are getting back to normal and 66.
8:28 am
the longstanding crash there is one and there is a car wreck washington parkway before the memorial bridge. we will ticket to some live pictures. this is a typical delay at new hampshire avenue towards georgia in virginia, a trapper across the roosevelt bridge -- traffic across the roosevelt bridge. quiet and dry conditions now but that will change this afternoon. high temperatures 90-95 degrees with wins out of the west 5-10 miles per hour. in the overnight, look for lows in the 70 pause thunderstormsnd tomorrow, heavy rain during the morning hours in time for the rush hour commute. temperatures will drop to the 80's. we will be back at 8:56.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ hello [ cheers and applause ] a great crowd out here in times square in morning. friendly. everyone having a good time. on friday eve. on friday itself, we'll be in central park. huge party in the park. two of the hugest acts. dragonette and karmin. vote for your favorite question. join us tomorrow to see which one we ask? or come to the park. >> something about her music. >> they both have a song called hello. there will be a pop quiz after the concert. and big, big, big, big, big
8:31 am
moment in television. we have the emmy nominations. you can't do anything until you start it here. weekends, emmy nominations. >> a great show planned for you on "good afternoon america." we'll have carson kressley helping you shop your own closet. >> there's so much in there you forget about and don't know how to use. >> and the "real housewives of new york." >> a little game with them. hopefully it will go better than the last one. and the talk every parent dreads. when to have the talk, the sex talk with your kids. >> birds and the bees? >> yep. that's "toe to toe." >> and a good friend of mine, matthew lillard will be on as well. a drug, viagra for the brain. it helps you stay focused.
8:32 am
sounds too good to be true. the only problem, we have no idea what the long-term side effects might be. dan harris has more on what some consider a potential wonder drug. >> reporter: the drug is called provigil. it's only approved for na narcolepsy, sleep apnea or people that work off hours. it's now being touted for other uses. it's been called viagra for the brain. it's been used by pro athletes, or by maybe the man or woman kicking your butt at the office. >> this could be the difference between i'm making it through the day to i'm kicking butt. >> reporter: he says he once flew 20 hours to australia, with almost no sleep, got off a plane, took a provigil, made a
8:33 am
series of speeches so good he made the local papers. sflit worked. >> reporter: the marks of the drug were slapped be a lawsuit for labeling it for unapproved uses. we called doctors all over the country to ask them is there a downside to provigil? they told us there are rare cases of people developing a life-threatening rash. most people do not suffer side effects. there is, however, one big fear. it's what we don't know. there have been no studies of the long-term effects of proindividualpr provigil on people like dave. >> why put yourself at undue risk when you could get more sleep and be in habits that are better with sleep.
8:34 am
>> i would like to live. i like to be fully present all the time. provigil helps me do that. >> reporter: how far are you willing to go? dan harris, abc news, new york. >> and you can see, we all ran back inside during that. we're just a few minutes away from the prime time emmy nominations. the awards on abc, sunday, september 23rd. who is in the running? let's get last-minute predictions from jess and chris. let's start awith you. comedies? >> in the old day, emmy nom niece were like old house guests. they stayed longer than you wanted them to. this year, a lot of churn. a lot of different stuff going on. we'll see lots of new shows, like girls, maybe new girls. people nominated last year might not get nominated this year. those who won last year might
8:35 am
not be favorites this year. >> do you agree? >> i think the same with the drama categories. new ones come in and bump out the usual suspects. i can't believe you called candice bergen a bad house guest. >> always did the sheets before she left. >> is there any big theme you're look for? >> i think "downton abbey" and "homeland" they're going to come roaring in. it's the first time in the drama category for "downton abbey." "breaking bad" not nominated last year. it was ineligible. it's back. "mad men" will be back. i wonder if any of the other new ones, or "breaking bad" can beat it. >> it will be a great scrap. >> who is your dark horse? >> i would like to see "girls" do well.
8:36 am
and lena dunham. i would like to see the show do well. is there that show grew on me. it got better. >> it's bleeding edge out there. it's fresh out of williamsburg. we'll see if the acad my academ handle it. >> we have to get weather first. it's so on the edge, it's bleeding edge. we start with twitter and facebook pictures. your twitter pictures are amazing today. the storm damage leading the news coverage. from arlington to an thsanta ba. here's what it looks like where the rain is going. from the gulf coast well up into the east coast. an awful lot of rain today. pittsburgh into the northern west virginia area is the target zone for the heaviest rain. temperatures stay warmer than normal. oklahoma city at 100.
8:37 am
another hot and humid day, 95, with thunderstorms later afternoon and nighttime lows in the 70's and more we heavy rain during the afternoon hours with >> all that weather was brought to you by
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
all right. jess cagle, chris connelly here. we're going to hollywood for the actual nominations live. >> roll it. >> welcome to the academy of television arts and sciences in north hollywood, california. [ applause ] >> good morning. i'm bruce. chairman and ceo of the academy of television arts and sciences. welcome to the 64th prime time emmy awards nominations announcement. this is a golden age of television. we're honored to unveil those who are at the top of their crafts. joining me for the presentation this morning is the star of "scandal," miss kerry washington. [ applause ] and the host of abc's hit late-night show, "jimmy kimmel
8:41 am
live" mr. jimmy kimmel. [ applause ] kerry, jimmy, thank you for being here this morning. >> this is a sex dream, isn't it? >> wow. >> they roused me out of bed in the middle of the night last night. this could be jus as good as noon, really. >> jimmy, who are you wearing? >> this is from the husky baby collection. thank you for asking. would you like to begin? >> i shall. the nominations in the drama series category are -- boardwalk empire. breaking bad. downton abbey. game of thrones. homeland. and mad men. >> finally. the nominees for lead actress in a drama series are -- kathy
8:42 am
bates, harry's law. glenn close, damages. claire danes, homeland. michelle dockery, downton abbey. julianna margulies, the good wife. and elizabeth moss, mad men. >> for lead actor in a drama series, the nom niece are, hugh bonneville, downton abbey. skooef buscemi, boardwalk empire. brian kran stron, breaking bad. michael c. hall, dexter. jon hamm, mad men. and damien lewis, homeland. >> for outstanding miniseries or movie -- american horror story. game change. hat fields & mccoys.
8:43 am
hemingway & gellhorn. luther. and sherlock, a scandal in belgravia. lead actress in a miniseries or movie. connie britton, ashley judd, missing. nicole kidman. julianne moore. and emma thompson, the song of lunch, masterpiece. >> song of lunch. the nominees for lead actor in a miniseries of movie. kevin costner, hatfields & mccoy's. benedict cumberbatch. idris elba, luther. woody harrelson, game change.
8:44 am
clive owen. and bill paxton, hatfields & mccoys. the nominees for outstanding host for a reality competition. tom bergeron, "dancing with the stars." cat deely, "so you think you can dance. phil koegen, the amazing race. ryan seacrest, "american idol." and betty white, "betty white's off their rockers." >> only old people get up this early, i guess. here are this year's nominees for reality competition program. the amazing race. "dancing with the stars." "project runway." "so you think you can dance." "top chef." and "the voice." >> the nominees for variety
8:45 am
series are -- the colbert report. the daily show with jon stewart. jimmy kimmel live. late night with jimmy fall lon. real time with bill maher. and saturday night live. >> should i give a speech? that could have been uncomfortable. that's exciting. nominees for a lead actress in a comedy series. zooey deschanel, lena dunham. edie falco. tina fay. julia louis-dreyfus. melissa mccarthy. and amy poehler.
8:46 am
alec baldwin, 30 rock. don cheadle, house of lies. louis c.k., louis. jon cryer, "two and half men." larry david, "curb your enthusiasm." and jim parsons, "the big bang theory." >> now we'll complete the announcements by brinking back bruce rosenbloom. here he is. >> thanks, jimmy and kerry. the nominations in the comedy series category are -- the big bang theory. curb your enthusiasm. girls. modern family. 30 rock. and veep. kerry, jimmy, thank you so much for your participation this morning. >> you're welcome, bruce.
8:47 am
>> jimmy, congratulations on your nomination. there's a complete list at our website. tune in to abc on sunday, september 23rd. >> we're going to do that. chris, a few surprises in there. >> a stimulus package voted through for the comedy actress category. seven nominees. math never my strong point. pretty sure i counted seven. comedy series, nothing for parks and recs. and a strong performance for girls. joel mchale not getting a nomination for community. >> and no jeff probst. >> he's been a big part of that category for years. >> a winner. >> a winner. >> and no "american idol. this will be good news for simon
8:48 am
cowell, the voice. it's shocking. >> somebody had to say it. somebody had to say it, robin. >> a lot of ooh'ing and aah'ing. people that you normally see on the movie screen are on television now. a stark reminder of that. >> nicole kidman. >> kevin costner. >> a likely winner. >> not that i have a favorite but so many for the import, downton abbey. >> but not the good wife. >> though julianna margulies won last year. >> speaking of favorites, louis c.k. being nominated for an underrated series. a lot more coming up. jimmy kimm
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
we have just heard the primetime emmy nominations. we want to go back out because our good friend, jimmy kimmel, not only is he hosting the emmys, as we just hear,, he's a nominee. he's still in his husky baby collection. your reaction to the nomination? >> i'm outraged. i think it's a travesty. we have never been nominated before. i don't know what to make of this. obviously, there must have been a fix in somehow. i think they realized it would the rude not to nominate the host. >> who is the first person you'll call to review your nomination once you get out of your pajamas? >> i guess i should call my
8:52 am
parents. my kids won't care. only my parents will care. >> what show seems like it's the prime target for satirizing? as you imagine what the big night are be like? >> i think the dynamic of the evening is probably the most fun thing. everybody there just wants to know if they're going to win or not. they don't care about anything or anyone else. the emmys should be spelled m-e. >> are you trying out your materi material? you're killing this morning. >> i'm realizing i should have maybe saved this for the show. >> jimmy, i know you were not going to be doing this morning. you were called in the middle of the night. what happened? >> i guess nick offerman, on "parks and recreation" was supposed to be here. they said he had a travel problem of some kind.
8:53 am
that usually means drugs. >> what about your competition? bill maher nominated for the first time. jimmy fallon. who are you worried about? >> they all stink. i don't think we have any chance of winning. we've been on -- this is our tenth time being eligible. to be nominated is -- it's very exciting for me and my staff. who actually seems to care more about this than i do. >> congratulations on the nomination. can't wait to see you host on the 23rd. and maybe win. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go?
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our thanks again. always good the hang out with chris and jess. we have karmin and dragonette tomorrow. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning to you at 8:56
8:57 am
of this thursday. a congressional committee will today on whether modify a law governing the heights of buildings in d.c. the law limits the high to wander 30 feet. -- to 130 feet. centerville resident will be restaurantsy for daughter and a month.ire last the heroes entered the building and led the women to safety. fairfax county will present the rescuers with lifesaving certificate. ,6 and 95 and i-395 improving on 270. no problems in and out of baltimore. we have some ebb and flow but
8:58 am
nothing earth shattering around the beltway. this is the american legion bridge. of maryland going to virginia on to right side, let's to steve rudin and the weather center. andunshine out there now the atmosphere unstable through the afternoon, 90-95 degrees and look for withrs and storms lows and the 70's and tomorrow, may be areas of heavy rain especially in the morning and again in the late afternoon. be in thees will only 80's. thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live! with kelly" is next.
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